iSDG Shenzhen Assembly 2017

“Co-design innovative solutions for global sustainability”

Aug. 21st – 26th, 2017

Open FIESTA Center, Graduate School at Shenzhen Tsinghua University

Intro & Welcome

Luping Xu

Director of Open FIESTA, Tsinghua University

iSDG, the premiere global student Co-opetition for UN SDGs, is aiming at connecting and engaging young people worldwide to propose innovative ideas for SDGs, empowering them with advanced methods, exponential technologies and leading mentorship, supporting their creative team-working and open sharing, and effectively delivering their game-changing ideas into real-world solutions for sustainability. The kick-starting activity of the iSDG is the “iSDG Shenzhen Assembly 2017” during the 21st to the 26th of August, 2017. Integrating the global collective intelligence and the unique resource at Shenzhen, the capital of innovation of China, the Assembly consists of three exciting sessions (and many self-organized activities by all participants!) in a week:

1) Global collective intelligence on SDGs projects: to bring global student teams with pioneering innovative projects on SDGs to share, to exchange, to inspire and be inspired, to cooperate and to co-improve their projects with collective intelligence and the help from leading experts and innovators;

2) Deep dive in Shenzhen: to explore the unique and empowering elements at Shenzhen, to identify the potential resources such as open source hardware, fast prototyping services on electronics, mentorship and incubation for high-tech, diverse maker communities, full production chain and ecosystem around digital technologies, etc, and to make use of these advantageous resources to accelerate the development of their SDG projects;

3) Co-design on future joint efforts: Sustainability requests continuous global engagement. Based on the common passion on promoting UN SDGs, we will take the chance to work together on co-planning next joint moves on the development of SDG solutions. In the last two days of the Assembly, our participants and strategic cooperators around the world are going to brain-storm and co-design on three strategic themes, the iSDG Global Co-opetition since 2018, the distributed open spaces for SDGs (“United Labs”), and the online platforms for learning and innovation around SDG challenges.

Welcome to Shenzhen. Let’s co-design the future – together.